This weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Dwell on Design at the LA Convention center, and it was BIG time fun. There were lots of interesting products ranging from Airstream trailers to an exhibit that detailed everything you ever wanted to know about cork (and some things you didn’t even know you wanted to know about cork, ya know?). Throughout the week, I’ll be focusing on some of the highlights.

First up was the modern living model home by ecofabulous, featuring a Piece Homes Pre-fabricated home.

At 520 sq feet it’s a small wonder that packs a big impression. The space pretty much has it all including full size electrolux appliances (including their famed refrigerator drawers), and a chicken coop. The only thing it didn’t have was a dishwasher. The model had a large amount of space dedicated to the dining room, if it were mine, I’d probably swap that out for a kitchen island with an eat at bar- move the fridge drawers to the island and make room for a dishwasher next to the sink.

Piece Homes has done a great job with all of their homes, they’ve made them affordable and accessible, and to further reach the masses, this particular home will be up for auction on eBay from July 5 -15th. Ecofabulous and Piece Homes have put the the fabulous in pre-fab.

Photo via ecofabulous. Floor plan via Piece Homes.