It’s good to be back at the keyboard. It would seem that September flew by with hardly any posts from me. I’ll admit up front, that I don’t consider blogging my top priority. Clients, Matt, and life all come first and September was chop full of all those things…

The Move- I’ve finished packing and unpacking, and I’m getting settled in over here. There’s of course TONS of stuff to do, (more on that in subsequent posts), but as I tell my clients, pace yourself. It’s important not to give yourself unrealistic timelines or expectations. Don’t try to be perfect, but do try and get to one small change done everyday. Small really can add up.

Clients- September brought in several new clients. Each one with their own set of challenges and needs. It has been fun coming up with unique solutions for each one, and I look forward to sharing some of the best tools/tips with those of you who are playing along at home. Special thanks to the fine folks at for featuring Making It Small on their blog, if you missed it, you can still check it out here.

The Back to School Special (and the cutest back to school logo ever, thanks to my cousin Celeste Song) were so well received that I had to extended the special through October to accommodate everyone. If you’re interested (or even considering it), schedule an initial consult call by the end of October and I’ll guarantee the price even if we schedule later in the year. I have a limited amount of appointment times available, but I am feeling generous because I love the little logo so much, I can’t bear to take it down (A smiling bus with a chocolate Labrador?? It’s too cute to be forgotten!)

Matt- We’ve had lots of fun as we enter our final months together. Between playtime, walks, and training we managed to participate in the National Guide Dog Awareness fundraiser at our local Petco, as well as raise money for the Pasadena Humane Society, by participating in their annual Wiggle Waggle Walk. Matt even got a nice tweet-out (that’s a shout-out on twitter) from His reputation as the cutest organizing assistant goes viral.

There’s much more on the books, so keep checking back there’s more good stuff to come.