As our lives become more and more electronic, keeping a clean and uncluttered inbox has become just as important to as keeping a clutter free home. To help keep myself, and my clients organized, here is one simple app that tops my list of must haves.

Follow Up Then: I use my inbox as an active to do list, so I try to only keep emails that need me to respond or to take action. (I folder the rest.) If, however, an email doesn’t need immediate action I forward it to my Follow Up Then account so it can be returned exactly when I need to see it. To use, (and to sign up) just compose an email (or forward an existing one) and include the email address [schedule format] @ in the “Cc”, “Bcc” or “To” fields of your email.  When you send with the address in the “To” line you will get a follow-up at the time/date you specify, with the address in the “Cc” you and all recipients that you have included in the email will get a reminder, and when it is in “Bcc” only you will receive the reminder.

The schedule format is very simple and intuitive as well, some examples to you can use are:

  • thursday{at}
  • 11amDec1{at}
  • tomorrow{at}
  • everymonday{at}

You can even send a follow up to text: Tuesday-sms{at} (with premium accounts) or check your schedule by sending an email to pending{at} they’ll send you a list of all the reminders you have on deck.

They have a premium account, which is super cheap ($24 a year) and it allows you to brand your reminders with your logo and combine all of your email address in one account.

I schedule reminders for emails where I am waiting on someone else to respond, for birthdays and even bills… it’s so simple I think Matt could do it.