Let’s make your to-do list small, shall we?

You have more passion and ideas than there are hours in a day or days in a year. And when you were first starting out, that was all the fuel you needed. You didn’t mind working through the weekend or long into the night. That’s all part of being a solo-entrepreneur, right? All the hats you get to wear. All the tasks you get delegate…. to, hm, yourself. Maybe it’s time for a little help?

You and your good work deserve an assistant.

Making it Small may be just what you’re looking for if:

  • you’re craving more time and energy to focus on the parts of your work you love
  • you want the emotional space to put some fun, joy and freedom (!) back into your business
  • you’d like to feel truly nurtured and supported
  • you daydream about having someone else tackle The Boring Parts – who doesn’t find them boring and whose help you can actually afford!

Making it Small can help.

My services are designed for solo-entrepreneurs, small business owners and other creative people with lots to get done.

You can choose between:

Our clients have big hearts.

When you’re as intentionally small as we are, the client roster can’t help but be cozy. We’re especially smitten with folks who:

  • have chosen work that holds true meaning for them
  • make their own rules and walk their own paths
  • recognize the importance of balance and free time (even if they’re not quite sure how to get either anymore)
  • have co-workers of the four-legged variety
  • say please and thank you
  • like pajamas and fuzzy slippers (we’ll rarely Skype in suits)

>>Could we be a fit? Read more about Making it Small, explore virtual assistant services or be in touch.


“I thank the universe everyday that Nita is my partner-in-crime.”

Susannah Conway; author, photographer, creativity instructor at susannahconway.com

kellyraephoto-v2.I am in love with Nita. No, seriously. I call her Ninja Nita because she is a fierce problem solver, a swift implementor, and expert communicator. Without her, I’m honestly not sure how my e-course would have ever gotten off the ground. Her resourcefulness saved me an extraordinary amount of time, energy, and money. And let’s not forget her heart, which is huge, and was used often to encourage my often overwhelmed self. I love Nita!

Kelly Rae Roberts, artist, author and possibilitarian at kellyraeroberts.com